A man who inspired a ‘impromptu’ five-day fundraiser at his local gym to raise funds for UNICEF has raised more than £1,200 - with donations still being counted.

David Goard, 73, of Haydon Bridge, inspired his fellow gym members and gym workers at Wentworth Leisure Centre in Hexham to raise money after seeing a news programme about the Afghanistan Crisis Appeal.

Mr Goard said: “When I was watching the programme  I saw kids and adults suffering and in hunger.

“I thought there is nothing I could do sitting here on the couch but then I said no actually there is.

“I then thought what I could do and thought that since I go to the gym four times a week it would be easy to do some fundraising challenges there.

“Wentworth were quite eager to help so we arranged what we could do.”

The fundraiser saw 13 members doing a challenge each day.

Nothing could stop the team taking part, not even the weather – as they just adjusted to the situation and adapted.

David said: “We had to adjust some of the events because of bad weather but the five days went incredibly well.

“We raised more than £1200 - which was way beyond my expectation. Odds and sods are still coming in so I can't give the absolute final figure yet.”