Walking festival organisers believes event will go ahead after strong ticket sales and interest.

Haltwhistle Walking Festival organisers are feeling more positive about that their walking festival will go ahead after cancelling the previous events in the last two years.

Those who are interested in the walking event will be able to choose 27 different types of walks to different places on set dates.

The website tells the interested party the exact miles of the walk and a brief description of how long it will take to walk and what they will need to wear/ bring.

The bookings opened on 1st February and will be till May.

The ticket prices are between £10 – £22 and walks will take place between Saturday, 23 April and Monday, 2 May 2022, 08:00-16:00pm.

Committee member Anne Palmer said ‘This year, everybody is talking about Hadrian’s Wall, which celebrates its 1900th birthday in 2022. All sorts of tour operators and holiday companies are offering to take you around our iconic local celebrity, but the Haltwhistle Walking Festival has been doing so for years and has the experience and local knowledge to make your trip truly memorable’.

"Among the walks designed to honour the Wall’s big birthday are a walk from the mysterious Mithraic Temple at Brocolitia, a walk along the best known, and most photographed bits of the Wall from Steel Rigg, a singing walk along parts of the wall, an exploration of its geology, and The Emperor Hadrian’s Round.

"We are delighted with the response so far. As in previous years, the Festival includes a number of longer treks, and this year, offers the opportunity to walk the popular Isaac’s Tea Trail over the course of three days. These were always the walks to sell out first, but so far in 2022, the pattern of booking has been different, with the shorter walks proving more popular.

We wonder if the last two years have dented the confidence of some more intrepid walkers, and would like to reassure Festival goers that all walks, long and short, are supported by at least two trained walk leaders, who will always ensure the group stays together’.

Tickets for all of these walks are still available, and can be booked directly from the website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/haltwhistle-walking-festival-more-than-just-a-walk-registration-239159461387