A woman is continuing to fundraise for the Great North Air Ambulance after paramedics saved her life in bad car collision in 2013.

Former care and support worker Lyn Murray, 71, of Haltwhistle is hoping to continue raising money for the Great North Air Ambulance (GNNA) after helping her when she was involved in a bad car accident in 2013.

Speaking about the accident, she said: " I was involved in a really bad car accident on B6318 The Military Road in Northumberland.

"It was very serious as the Air Ambulance had to work on me in field for 1 and half hours. I then spent 3 weeks in R. V. I as I had head trauma.

"I am fine now but I think it has caused a bit of memory problems but not sure if my age has something to do with that."

Lyn's first career was teaching, to which she then switched to run a farmhouse B & B, which then allowed her to managed a holiday complex and her last job was in caring and support work.

Lyn retired three years after the accident at the age of 66 and started an allotment. Only during lockdown last year she started fundraising.

She said: "I bought poly tunnel and decided to use it all to raise money for them.

"I found that so many local people were so supportive and really helped me. They gave me plant pots, spare plants seeds and Pots P. H. gave me free compost.

"I believe that everyone was keen to help as most people have had family members and friends who have been helped by G. N. A. A."

Last year she was able to raise £1,600 for the GNNA but also meet the paramedic who saved her.

Speaking about the meet up she said: "I think it was organised because I had been raising money for them and I had been chatting to a lady on the phone every time I sent them some money.

"I think she had put the word out about me and then quite by surprise I got this e-mail from the GNAA inviting me to Langwathby to meet the paramedic who saved me."

On Monday, 12 July Lyn was able to meet the man who saved her life.

Speaking about the meet up, she said:

"I was worried as everyone said it would be emotional, but, because I had no memory of the crash or the following 6 days it was just very thankful and pleasant. I was glad I met Terry."

After the meet up, Lyn has decided to raise money for the GNNA again but will have to wait till the weather is better.

She said: "I am really looking forward to starting again in the spring. I have already raised £35 already."

"I grow and sell perennial plants from my allotment out the back. People then message me and I meet them in the allotment."