An ex-traffic policeman believes that the new highway code rules will not affect drivers or spike road rage, if they plan to expect to see a cyclist on the road during when travelling.
Alan Nelson,69, a former traffic policeman, of Hexham believes there will be no spike of 'road rage' when the new Highway Code rules are implemented next week if drivers are considerate of other members of the road. 
Alan is the organiser of a monthly driving group called Advanced Drivers and Riders Tynedale, that he set up in 2013. He started the group again after Covid lockdown and restrictions passed but always makes sure drivers and tutors are up-to-date with the highway code.
The new rules which will be introduced on 29 January 2022,  will include a new Hierarchy of Road Users, which implies automatic culpability for drivers in accidents with more vulnerable road users (cyclists or pedestrians) and other rules such as drivers should stop and give way to pedestrians waiting to cross the road before turning into or out of junctions.
Speaking about the new rules, Alan said: "In our group, we always say that cyclists are given priority on the road out of courtsey
"So the new rules wont affect us in our teaching. We always tells our drivers to expect danger and to always be on the look out - so if they see a bike, we tell them to predict and prepare for anything that could happen.
"We always tell drivers to make room in their plans for cyclists - meaning  that if a driver prepares to expect a cyclist to be on a road that they are travelling on, then they will be successful in not making any mistakes, as they wont be shocked or unprepared.
"I actually think the new rules are a good thing, as it gives a more indication and better hierarchy of who is most vulnerable on the road. - which is pedestrians and then cyclists. 
"Cyclists have every right to be on the road and I have always taught that in the driving  group. Cyclists are mostly found on minor roads as they would want to see the scenery - so when drivers are on that type of road, that is what they should expect to see and at accordingly.
"If you make a mistake then you planned badly. If someone is a good thoughtful driver then the new rules will not change too much for them."
If anyone would like to join the group, the next meeting will be held at the Tynedale Cricket Club on February 14 at 7pm.
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