A trip down memory lane, we take a look back at the stories to have hit the headlines 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125-years ago. Do you remember any of the events?


SITES LEFT TO DECAY: Lead thieves struck for the second time in four months at one of Hexham's flagship former council offices. Around £5,000 worth of lead flashing was stripped from the roof of Hexham House in Gilesgate - where a tarpaulin still covered the damage caused by a similar raid which took place in the previous October. The increasingly dilapidated condition of Hexham House, and some of the other former Tynedale Council buildings in Hexham, was causing increased concern.

GOLDEN SEND-OFF: It was announced a taste of the London Games was coming to Hexham that summer to mark the retirement of Tynedale's only ever Olympic medallist. To celebrate the remarkable career of Hexham rower Matt Wells, a rowing extravaganza was planned at Tyne Green, with eight Olympians competing in a special race. Matt won bronze at the 2008 Olympics.


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Emma Dora Ballantyne, who lived at Lowgate nursing home, celebrated her 102nd birthday. She originally came from Greenhaugh near Bellingham, and served in France during the First World War.

HOMES FOR AUCTION: Former Forestry workers who had lived in Kielder village for up to 40 years were having their houses sold over their heads, it was reported. Tenants, one of whom was nearly 80, awoke to find "For sale" signs in their gardens, with plans for their homes to be auctioned in less than a fortnight.


PENSIONERS' PLIGHT: Emergency day centres for pensioners inconvenienced by the coal strike then on were opened at church halls and other community venues throughout Tynedale.

FIRM GOES UNDER: Haltwhistle window frame firm Sasmo closed, leaving its 34 workers jobless.

BRIDGE SCHEME: A £50,000 programme of improvements to the Ovingham-Prudhoe bridge, including the widening of the carriageway across it, got under way.

APPOINTMENT FOR AUTHOR: Tarset author and scriptwriter Edward Grierson was appointed to the Independent Television Authority's general advisory council.

COMEBACK FOR CINEMA: Haltwhistle's cinema reopened after being taken over and refurbished by South Shields firm Hearn Brothers. The first film it screened after opening was the Frankie Howard comedy 'Up Pompeii'.


BLACKOUTS BLIGHT BUSINESSES: A severe power cut brought Hexham businesses to a standstill for five hours, leading to 1,000 man hours being lost at the town's two biggest factories, the Hexham Foundry and the Tyne Metal Company.

WATER SCHEME DROPPED: Hexham Rural Council dropped plans to improve water supplies to Hallington after establishing that such a scheme would benefit only two farms.

FALSTONE FUND-RAISER: A concert and whist driver held at Falstone by Wark Choral Society raised £107 for Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.


NEW ROAD PROPOSED: Hexham rural councillors had plans drawn up for a road linking Allendale and Hexhamshire.

CHAPEL GRIPE: Prudhoe vicar F.Harley Williams complained to urban councillors there about the town's cemetery chapel being so cold and damp it was almost unusable.


MINE DISPUTE: Putters at Mickley colliery threatened to go on strike, and thus bring the mine to a standstill, unless they were given pay rises. These staff earned only three shillings for nine hours' work, it was reported.

FLU SHUTS SCHOOL: Nenthead Board School was closed for a week due to flu and other illnesses being rife in the village.