A COMMUNITY yoga studio is offering discounted classes for new starters for the rest of January.

Sessions at Corbridge Yoga Studio, Yoga with Natalie, are £5 for newcomers until the end of the month.

It comes as the studio, which opened in June, has also added new classes to its timetable to meet growing demand and encourage more people to try the sport.

Forrest yoga teacher Natalie Palmer, who lives in Corbridge, begun teaching yoga in the village's parish hall in 2017 before moving to her Old Bakery Yard studio - a dedicated space aimed at promoting emotional and holistic wellbeing through movement, mindfulness and mediation.

The studio opened on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over £10,000 and saw yogis purchase bulk, discounted online and in-person class passes.

"It's been busy!", said Natalie. "It's been great. I've had lots of people coming to check it out and most of those people have stayed and kept coming back.

"The community is growing a lot more now that we have a space."

Classes are capped at 12 people with attendees given personalised support.

"What you can expect is to come along and learn how to breathe, first of all, in a way that's going to down regulate your nervous system; that's the main thing you're going to get out of it. You're going to come away from it feeling a lot more calm than when you walked in", added Natalie, who is also a qualified personal trainer.

"People who have trouble sleeping - for whatever reasons - are going to have a good nights sleep after their first class and that's what hooks people to come back because they want that feeling again.

"Of course, getting stronger in your body and your mind is a really positive side effect and your yoga practice starts to become more than just physical."

Natalie has a specially curated, online library of yoga sessions for people who do not yet feel comfortable visiting the studio due to Covid-19, giving people the opportunity to practice in their own homes and at their own convenience.

Sessions run everyday and free NHS classes are also avaliable.