CORBRIDGE has hosted an event to ensure a healthy harvest of apples in years to come.

The Corbridge Apple Tree Wassail of January 2022 has taken place in the village of Corbridge.

This particular event, along with celebrating a healthy harvest, is also celebrating everyone involved in donating, picking, and helping to process apples to produce Corbridge Lightly Sparkling Apple Juice.

Organised by Corbridge Community Partnership which has been established for around nine months, the event also raised £2,300 for local charities through the community apple juice project.

Maurice Hodgson, Chairman of Corbridge Community Partnership, said: "It's a great community event."

They picked apples from various places around Corbridge, and produced an impressive 600 litres of apple juice, Maurice said.

Proceeds raised will be equally shared between Charlotte Straker Residential House in Corbridge, and the Corbridge Youth Initiative Project.

Wassail means toasting to someone's health, and is a hot drink made with wine, beer, or cider served in a large bowl for several people to share.

Practised in Britain for centuries, it has roots in paganism and ancient Druid customs which involves singing to trees and spirits to ensure a good harvest for the next season.

The cans sold out within weeks, but Charlotte Straker residents managed to grab some to share amongst residents and staff during their coffee mornings. The residents gave the apple juice their seal of approval. Colin, 88, said: "It's really refreshing and not too sweet. I like the taste very much." 

The partnership were also supported by Newburn-based Hadrian Border Brewery which helped to store, transport, and process the produce.

"All the juice that was made was sold at fairs and through social media advertising within two months," said Maurice.

He also added: "Next time, we hope that the project will produce double the amount of apple juice that was produced this time."