A KICKBOXING instructor has set up her own junior kickboxing club in Bardon Mill.

Keri Elizabeth Baptist, 42, is originally from North Shields where she has run her own gym and martial arts club, Platinum K1, for 14 years.

In her first week she had 20 new students turn up. Keri said this was an amazing response: "The talent in Bardon Mill has really impressed me - the kids are keen and eager to learn."

Priced at £6 per class, it runs every Tuesday 4.30pm until 5.30pm at Bardon Mill Village Hall, and is designed for ages six to 12.

She said: "Over the years I have trained many kids, teens, and adults producing black belts and fighters. I was approached by many locals to start a club up here as I moved here a year ago."

Keri said: "For the kids, I believe it starts and ends in respect."

She received her 3rd Dan Black Belt in 2016, while her partner, Alan Baptiste, is a 1st Dan Black Belt.

The junior class will give children a great platform to work on making new friends, improving fitness, stamina, balance, and flexibility.

"It's also great self defence and confidence building for them," she said.

No previous experience is needed to join the club, or to join Keri's personal training sessions, which are £150 for a block booking of 10 which will save £50, or single slots which are £20.

To add to her fighting qualifications, Keri has a green belt in Brazilian jujitsu.

"I have bags of knowledge and keep it fun," she said.

Students in the club will earn their martial arts belts through a structured, recognised martial arts association.

Some of Keri's students have gone on to receive 1st Dan Black Belts.

"One of my female students fought on a big show called 'Enfusion' which was televised a few years back," she said.

"I will help you to achieve any goal, short term or long term - it’s all about consistency and commitment."

The club has also received a sponsorship. "The best bit of news to share is our little club has a sponsorship. CIS (North East) LTD has donated a generous amount so we can have some nice new equipment, which is fantastic for us as a club starting out. We are very grateful and thank you."

"There's no fancy training or equipment - old school is the only school."

All training equipment is provided and there is free car parking available. The club runs term time only.

For any enquiries, or to book classes, Keri should be contacted directly.

Her email address is keriak47@hotmail.co.uk, or mobile number is 07870929521.