WE asked readers of The Hexham Courant online what they did in the 1990's that they miss doing now.

The most popular thing that is missed and received the most comments about was going to Dontino's night club, later known as Studio or its affectionate nickname, 'Donnie's'.

Once a luxury nightclub in the 1970's, the younger generations going to Donnie's in later years may have slightly different memories of Donnie's sticky floors and customers' tipsy antics.

Shopping at stores such as Woolworths, Robbs, Tynedale Park, GoJo Records, and Blockbuster was also mentioned.

Robbs transformed into Beales and is now a branch of the Yorkshire Trading Company stocking a wide range of household items.

Yvonne Harrison said: "I loved to shop in Robbs."

Woolworth's Hexham store closed in the first week of 2009 after the company went into administration in 2008.

GoJo Records moved to a new store, Core Music, on Gilesgate in 2015. The store is still open, and continues to sell DVDs and CDs.

Hexham's old swimming pool, located on Gilesgate, is another fond memory for many, as Elizabeth Ross reminisces: "Go swimming without having to download a complicated app that never lets you book anything. Walking into the baths and pick up a timetable that told you what was happening when. Given up on swimming now because of the naff," she said.

Another missed activity is attending roller discos at Wentworth Leisure Centre.

Angel Hill said: "Roller raves at the Wentworth, bring them back!"

Apple Laura concurred, saying: "Roller discos at Wentworth." Tim Nichol responded, and said: "They used to do an awesome Christmas Eve kids Christmas party also. Great times!!"

Danielle Lorimer added: "Aww I loved these!! Xx"

Others were nostalgic for the parks and play areas of Hexham.

John Cody Doherty said: "Go to the Sele Park and almost die on the 30ft high slide."

Angel Hill also commented: "Playing games outdoors without the worry of health and safety snowflakes! The proper long metal slide at the park!"

Some things never change, however. Jon Yelding commented and said: "Drinking cider in the bandstand before houseparties, mid to late 90's" was what he missed most.