A HISTORY enthusiast has produced his own information board about the former Border Counties Railway Line.

John Cody Doherty, 27, from Hexham, has created the picture board which will be placed on Tyne Green, half way between Hexham and Warden.

When John saw there was local interest in the history of the railway line, he decided to create the information board.

“It’ll cover information on the Hexham Borders Railway, Allendale Branch Railway and the South Tynedale Railway, which has partly reopened as a heritage railway," he said.

"I’ve also included a section on modern steam railways, and the West Coast Railway Company that offers journeys on select routes round the country."

"Also included are QR codes with links to the website and extra information on the journeys."

"I myself have used this company previously and will be again this year for another amazing steam train trip."

“The QR codes are explained on the board and how to use them," said John.

"You scan them with your mobile phone camera and it’ll bring up a relevant website full of useful information about the railway lines, and relevant archive footage.”

The board will overlook the site of the old bridge, which is visible running across the River Tyne.

John said: “The sad thing is, there was no real information at the riverside detailing anything about the railway line – just the remains of the old bridge.”

“It took me four days off and on, a few hours here and there, to sit and put it all together.”

“Photos on the board will show the line when it was in use, maps of the route, and of the railway companies,” John explained.

To create the board, John used an iPad app for creating posters and editing photographs.

“It will be ordered on Friday, January 14 when final checks have been made," he said.

"As soon as it arrives, hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll have it put up.”

The Border Counties Railway ran from Hexham to Riccarton Junction on the Waverley Route.

The railway opened in 1858 but was not as successful as the owners had hoped, with the level of commercial traffic not reaching expected targets.

Being a sparsely populated area, passenger numbers also did not warrant it continuing.

The line closed to passengers in 1956 and was completely shut down in 1963.