A town councillor is pleased with new 20mph signs in park.

Town councillor Penny Grennan is pleased to reveal new 20mph signs at Tyne Green County Park.

The plans for 20mph signs have always been on cards as Northumberland County Council initially agreed in February 2020 to reduce the existing 30mph to 20mph on Tyne Green Road, after concerns were raised by the county councillor for Hexham Central with Acomb, Trevor Cessford.

Although the plans were set - Covid-19 had stopped the progress.

It was deemed that the signs were even more needed after Counc. Penny Grennan started a campaign for the change in signs after she was 'nearly ran over' at the Tyne Green County Park in August 2021.

Since then she has been determined to make sure the new signs have been placed in the park.

Penny said : "It has taken some time to bring this change about but hopefully now Tyne green will be a safer place for families, dog walkers and golfers.

"Hexham Town Council has recommended to Northumberland County Council that the whole of Hexham should have a 20mph speed limit.

County Cllr Trevor Cressford also adds : "I'm pleased that the 20mph signs have eventually been put up, it has been a long process since they were first requested.

"Tyne Green country park is a popular place for families with young children to go and enjoy themselves.

"Where we have young children and traffic mixing it is only right that speeds should be kept to a minimum."