Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their first sale of store cattle and suckled calves of 2022. A smaller entry of cattle forward due to the cold conditions making it hard for producers to present cattle.

Those that braved the icy conditions were treated to buoyant trade, with a large number of buyers present to ensure a fast and competitive trade throughout for all classes to leave a very healthy average right though of £1,201.

Topping the sale was a fantastic Lim x steer from Messrs G Carins & Ptrs, Broomhall, which sold to £1,590 which headed into Yorkshire.

Quality heifers were few and far between but Limousin cross heifers from Messrs Herdman, Luns House, sold to £1,360. Not too far behind at £1,300 was RI & MR Ridley Ltd, Mickley Moor, with another Limousin cross heifer this time, out of the dairy mother.

Native bred cattle once again sold to a premium at Hexham with Angus cross steers selling to £1,465 again from Broomhall.

A small entry of yearling cattle forward this week which were sought after with a tremendous Limousin cross steer from Messrs J Reed, The Knarr, Brampton, selling to £1,580.

We welcome entries for next week’s sale which includes the special New Year prize show. 01434 605444.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Angus x steers-£1355 Stoop Rigg.

Stabiliser x steers–£1470, £1440 & £1410 Duddo Hill.

British Blue x heifers –£1270 Thornley Hall.

Angus x heifers –£1170 & £1075 Stoop Rigg.

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers –£1590 Broomhall, £1580 The Knarr, £1540 Blackburn, £1485 Lunns House, £1460 Blackburn & Lunns House.

Charolais x steers –£1325 Newlands Haugh.

British Blue x steers –£1365 Newlands Haugh.

Angus x steers –£1465 Broomhall, £1400 Newlands Haugh, £1365 New Houses, £1360 Newlands Haugh, £1355 Stoop Rigg, £1350 New Houses.

Simmental x steers-£1455 & £1435 Newlands Haugh, £1390 & £1375 Satley.

Hereford steers –£1290 (x2) Satley.

Limousin x heifers –£1360 Lunns House, £1300 Mickley Moor, £1295 & £1280 Lunns House, £1240 (x2) Mickley Moor.

Charolais x heifers –£1290, £1250 & £1205 White House.

British Blue x heifers –£1315 & £1135 Camphill.

Simmental x heifers –£1165 & £1140 Burn Hill.

Beef Shorthorn heifers –£1030 Blueburn.

Luing heifers –£1075 Blueburn.

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers –£1570 Broomhall, £1345 The Knarr.

Angus x steers –£1255 Partridge Nest.

British Blue x steers-£1095 The Knarr.

British Blue x heifers –£1015 Mickley Moor.

Angus x heifers –£1150 Partridge Nest.

Simmental x heifers-£1245 Burn Hill.

Cast Ewes

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1,040 Cast Ewes & Rams to average £101.36 which included a large consignment of Hill breeds.

Topping the sale at £220 was a pair of Texels from K G & A Young, Harbottle Grange, who also sold a pen of 4 for £201.

Messrs C Moralee & Son, Blackburn, sold six Texel ewes at £200, who also sold Charollais ewes for £188.

Suffolk x ewes topped at £162 from Mr M G Stephenson, Rowley Link.

Mule ewes topped at £130 from Messrs Hall Bros, Barracks Farm.

More wanted to meet the demand. Contact Jack 07739 440457.

Overnight larage is available.

Texel-£220 & £201 Harbottle Grange, £200 (x2) Blackburn.

Texel x-£175 Quarry House, £172 Rusheylaw, £164 Drapestown, £162 Quarry House, £160 Whittingham Grange & High Eshells, £158 Rowley Link, £156 Woodland House Farm, £152 Codlaw Hill & West Warmley, £150 High Eshells & Matfen Home Farms, £149 Rusheylaw, £148 Dovecote & Errington Red House.

Beltex x –£148 Rowley Link.

Suffolk x-£162 Rowley Link, £160 Dovecote & Drapestown, £158 Drapestown, £149 Drapestown & Whittingham Grange, £148 Rowley Link, £140 Dovecote & Merryshields, £138 White House Farm, £136 Merryshields.

Charollais x –£188 Blackburn.

Bleu de Maine-£114 Sillywrea.

Leicester-£139 Quarry House, £123 Drapestown.

Cheviot –£113 Sillywrea.

North Country Cheviot-£130 Flotterton.

Cheviot Mule –£140 Cornhills, £129 Codlaw Hill.

Mule –£130 Barracks Farm, £129 Dovecote, £128 Drapestown, £123 Holling Hill & Whittingham Grange, £120 Houselop Grange, £119 Normans Riding.

Zwartbles-£123 Drapestown.

Abberfield-£129 Whitchester.

Blackface –£94 Great Chesters, £93 Broomhall.

Swaledale –£83 East Greenridge.

Cast Tup

Cast Tups sold to a tremendous trade topping at £200 for a pair of Texels from Messrs J T Nixton & Son, Stotsfold.

Not far behind were a pen of four at £198 again Texels, this time, from Messrs M W Walton & Son, Rawfoot.

Texel Tup-£200 Stotsfold, £198 Rawfoot, £192 China Hall, £182 Errington Red House, £168 Cornhills, £162 Stotsfold, £160 Rusheylaw, £158 China Hall, £150 Whitton.

Beltex Tup-£122 Highwood Farm.

Suffolk Tup-£170 Drapestown, £150 Merryshields.

Leicester Tup-£162 Stotsfold, £160 Ouston.

Romney Tup-£162 Drapestown.

Aberfield Tup-£136 Whitchester.

South Country Cheviot Tup-£104 Flotterton.

Whiteface Dartmoor Tup-£70 Stone Hall.

Blackface Tup-£92 Flotterton.

Swaledale Tup-£98 East Greenridge.

Store Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold a catalogued entry of 2,631 Store Hoggs to a strong trade averaging £98.09.

Topping the sale at £151 was a pair of Beltex x Hoggs from D J & W Sedgewick, Errington Red House, and also sold another for £150.

Strong commercial lambs sold to £141 for a trio from Miss S Glendinning, Lamburnum Cottage.

Suffolk x Hoggs sold to £135 from Messrs W Patterson & Son, Halton Red House.

Blackface Hoggs sold to £100 for a pen of six lambs from Lord Max Percy, Blueburn.

More wanted to meet the strong demand. Contact Jack on07739 440457.

Texel x-£141 Laburnum, £138 Errington Red House & Whitton, £135 Butterknowes, £131 Catreen, £130 Whitton, £122 Halton Red House, £121 Nunwick & Broomhall, £120 Whitchester & Butterknowes, £119 Halton Red House (x2), West Bolton, Nunwick, Butterknowes & Riding Farm.

Suffolk x –£135 Halton Red House, £129 Laburnum, £124 & £119 Black Hedley, £116 East White Hill, £115 Whitchester & Riding Farm, £114 Halton Red House & Riding Farm, £113 Rugley Walls & Hill House Farm.

Beltex x –£151, £150, £130 Errington Red House, £120 Errington Red House & Great Tosson.

Dutch Texel-£109 Agars Hill, £108 Westlands.

Bleu de Maine-£111 Sillywrea.

Charollais-£96 Oaklea & Hall Hill Farm.

Leicester-£116 East Wharmley, £115 Whitton.

Mule –£125 Westlands, £115 B £112 & £109 Farneyshield, £105 East Wharmley & Rugley Walls, £104 Riding Farm.

Cheviot-£88 Flotterton.

Easycare-£94 Pilmuir.

Blackface-£100 Blueburn, £99 Townfoot, £95 Whitton, £94 & £93 Blueburn.