AN OUTLINE application for a rural worker dwelling has been submitted to Northumberland County Council.

Michelle and Kerr Henry want accommodation on land south of Codlaw Dene, Wall, where their game rearing and poultry business, Allendale Game Birds, exists.

A planning and heritage statement submitted alongside the application said: "Accommodation on the site will enable the applicants to quickly deal with emergencies that could cause serious loss of products and assets."

Although the scale, design and specific siting are not included within the outline application, an illustration of the type of accommodation proposed on site has been submitted.

These plans show a chalet-style property with three bedrooms.

The applicant's vet Laura Langstaff, a partner at Sandhill Veterinary Services, has written a letter in support of the application.

She said: "In order to ensure animal welfare standards are upheld our clients need to check on the birds on the rearing field every two hours throughout the night for the first three weeks of life and be present on the site throughout the day.

"Despite this they have had issues in the past with predators and change in weather conditions which have adversely impacted on the health and welfare of the birds together with theft of equipment, all of which may have been avoided if they had lived on site and were able to respond to situations more quickly.

"It is my recommendation, therefore, that they should be resident on the site to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare can be maintained at all times."

For more information, visit the county council's planning portal and search reference number 21/04983/OUT