FOOD fans all said the same thing in response to the campaign challenge 'Veganuary'.

The campaign challenges people to go vegan for the first 31 days of the year.

When you sign up to the challenge, you receive access to a website full of resources like recipes and meal plans.

There's even a free celebrity cookbook available, which includes recipes such as John Bishop's Chickpea Burgers, Madonna's Sticky Toffee Pudding, and more.

Chris Packham, TV presenter and Veganuary Ambassador said: "Being vegan is a great way to support the natural world and to live sustainably."

However, comments were eager to show support for farmers.

"Support our local farmers and growers!" said one Facebook user.

One comment encouraged the uptake of a vegetable diet, stating: "Being realistic, moving to a plant based diet is essential to our future."

Others were concerned about the climate impact produced by importing vegetables from across the world. "Just out of interest, of the 30 different weekly vegetables recommended over 'Veganuary', what’s the percentage of that being flown in on climate killing planes?"

Several people referred to the damaging economical impact that could be incurred if farmers lost valuable customers. Northumberland has a large farming industry which is a point of pride amongst locals.

"Support your local farmers and growers!" said another.

"Better to eat local and seasonal." Plastic consumption was also referred to, in that avoiding single use plastic as much as possible is essential to protect our environment.

One comment concluded the opinions of many, by stating: "Shop local, buy British, and support the farming industry."