An ice cream business owner has been nominated for another prestigious award.

Zoe Philipson, 29, of Hexhamshire, who runs Tyne Valley Ices, has been nominated for an award that recognises her work in the ice cream industry.

This is the second nomination for Zoe, as she has also been nominated for the national award of ‘best mobiler of the year’.

The latest is the Guido Morelli rising star award, which was created by the Morelli family, who have produce Ireland’s famous and multi-award winning ice cream since 1911.

The family are highly regarded in the ice cream business, so the award is to honour a rising star who has made an impact on the industry and was created in memory of past president Guildo Morelli from Northern Ireland.

To be nominated, a person’s name has to be put forward from the Ice Cream Alliance.

There are nine regional divisions of the alliance including Northern Ireland, London, Wales, Northern and Yorkshire.

The winner for both awards will be announced at the Ice Cream Alliance dinner at Harrogate.

Zoe said: "This is the first time I have been nominated and I’m thrilled to be in the final.

“The Morelli family, who I have great respect for, are legendary.”