A museum owner is to start art workshops to inspire a young generation of illustrators.

Neil Cole, 51, owner of The Classic Museum of Sci-fi, in Allendale, has announced the museums new project of animation workshops, which Neil hopes to connect and inspire young minds.

The sessions will be held by Neil and Debbi Brown, Neil's Art & Design teaching colleague, at 'Forge Art Studio' starting from 11 January 4.15 to 5.15pm.

Neil said: "An important part of 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' project was always to include an educational component.

"While the museum itself gives a chronological history of classic sci-fi and 'Doctor Who' told through artifacts made by a host of creative designers and artists, I always intended that the museum would extend beyond to offer a fun teaching element."

Neil, who has been a teacher for 25 years and is a a county Arts Specialist Teacher, has recently begun drawing covers professionally for Candy Jar Publishing's range of 'Doctor Who Spin-off' book titles.

He has been passionate about introducing the comics media into his art lessons over the years in addition to developing his own strips.

He said: "In my art lessons I have always strived to make the content relevant to pupils and focus on contemporary, popular culture in addition to the traditional.

"It's vital to connect with a young mind. The dynamism and immediacy of 'Marvel Comics' can captivate and enthuse a ten-year old in the way Russian Expressionism may not(!).

"The key at this point in a child's life is to inspire and develop a passion for drawing and making - and there's a lot of valuable learning to be derived from drawing a comic strip.

"Children will learn key skills to enable them to create their own dynamic comic book cover! This is the first workshop to run by 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' but many more are planned to follow including mask making and scenic design! There are three sessions - each 1 hour, on January 11th, 18th and 25th. Each session costs £10.00.

"To book your place please phone: 07932035700."