A LUXURY holiday provider has been accused of trying to remove members with timeshares at Slaley Hall Lodge.

Bristol-based Seasons Holidays has come under fire for allegedly trying to boot owners out of the timeshare resort.

The global pandemic has meant many UK families are rediscovering the joys of holidaying at home and this has pushed the cost of British holidaying accommodation sky high.

Slaley Lodge members believe Seasons have their sights set on finding a way to get rid of the current members from the club.

Seasons Holidays has denied the claim.

In 2020, lodge owners reported attempts to get them to give up their memberships. And members claim there are problems with family members of directors of Seasons Holidays being on its committee.

They also claim Seasons has announced it is motioning to dissolve the owners’ club and its constitution and has, reportedly, advised that if this is carried, all lodge assets will be liquidated.

“We strongly refute all allegations being made against us”, said a spokesman for Seasons Holidays.

“The reason a special general meeting has been called is a straightforward one.

“Seasons bought Slaley Hall, and the nearby resort of Belton, in April 2019. There has been a stark difference in the relationship, attitudes and approach of the two respective club committees.

“Belton continues to run very smoothly. However, Seasons has become increasingly frustrated at how the Slaley Hall committee has undermined all attempts to operate the resort from day one.

“It was apparent our ownership was resented from the start by some committee members who felt their control was being taken away.

“The constitution (which we inherited) provides for the club to be wound up if 75 per cent of owners agree – there is nothing illegal or underhand, we are just following the club’s own constitution.

“The whole process is being administered by independent trustees, and if the club is wound up, all owners will receive a payment – their share of all of the assets of the club, which includes the values of all of the lodges.

“This valuation – if the vote is passed – will be carried out by a leading, respected and independent UK company with expertise in this particular sector, who will be engaged by the trustees.”

Daniel Keating, Information Officer for the Timeshare Consumer Association, said: "This is a very sad story of what we don't hear about very often: a genuinely loved timeshare resort. We will be following with interest and helping wherever we can."