WENTWORTH Leisure Centre in Hexham is set to host a new Soft Archery event in January, 2022.

The event is organised by Full of Beans Children's Fitness and Sports Coaching, and their North East branch runs across the Tyne Valley from their base in Corbridge.

Soft Archery will start on Tuesday, January 18, and end on Tuesday, March 1, but will not be running on February 8.

The sessions will be conducted by John Paul Reay, Director of the North East branch of Full of Beans.

John Paul said: "everyone is welcome to attend", regardless of experience or ability.

"Everyone's going to be in the same boat, it's all fun activities, and it's about getting out there and engaging with others."

The main focus of the event is to "meet new friends, build confidence, and learn a new skill", says John Paul.

Designed for children who want to try something new, there are two separate classes for different ages.

The first class starts from ages 4 to 6, which runs from 4pm until 4.45pm.

The second age group is for older ages 7 to 9, running from 5pm until 5.45pm.

Children can participate in many fun activities and various games that have been designed to help them improve their basic archery skills including accuracy and stability.

Fitted, comfortable clothing which doesn't restrict movement is recommended, and to wear sensible footwear for balance.

Soft archery and safety equipment will be provided and fully cleaned after each session.

Full of Beans also organise birthday parties for children ages 4 up to 11, and provide fun sports games to play, including parachute games and obstacle courses.

They work within schools delivering curriculum P.E. and after school clubs.

Along with sports like basketball and dodgeball, Full of Beans offer wellbeing support to encourage children to express their feelings, and to channel this through sport.

Soft Archery at Wentworth is the first official archery event organised by Full of Beans Fitness, and each session costs £7 per child for the six week period.

Facebook reviews praise Full of Beans. The most recent review said: "They were absolutely wonderful. They delivered a really fun and energetic party" that all the children enjoyed.

In future, Full of Beans are looking to offer mini fencing and yoga events.

To book the Soft Archery event, visit fullofbeansfitness.co.uk/classes, email johnpaul@fullofbeansfitness.co.uk, or ring John Paul on 01434 755012.