A family support service has been recognised as a charity.

Rosie Gilchrist, 32, of Hexham and owner of Rosie’s Corner, a children's foodbank, is overjoyed that her newly opened family drop-in service has been awarded ‘charity’ status.

The service is based at unit 8 on Burn Lane, Hexham and is now legally seen as something that would benefit the public so it can ask for donations.

Despite news of the status, owner Rose believes it is a sweet and sour as it highlights the importance of why the charity helps kids and families.

She said: “This feeling of elation sits uncomfortably with us as a team.

“We all wish there was no need for the charity, however, the growth in the numbers of families coming is a sad reminder that the UK’s happiest place to live, and it’s surrounding area is one where many families, like in other areas of the country, are struggling.

“This year alone we have completed 320 orders and welcomed 82 new families.

“The charity began providing for babies and children, however, they saw the adults coming often needed help with clothes or shoes too, and so we began to collect these items as well.”

“Over the last year we have provided families in need with over 1000 items, including 118 consumables (nappies, wipes, milk etc), 74 pieces of equipment (from baby gyms to bunk beds), 192 pairs of shoes, 381 clothing parcels and 91 Christmas Angel gifts.”

The Charity is open for families, not for donations, 10-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Rosie said: “ Donations are handled by messaging the Facebook page with drop off points in Hexham, as the unit is kept as a private and confidential place for families to get what they need.

“The team would like to thank those who have supported it during it’s first year.The Heart pub in Hexham, Hedley Planning, Waitrose, Robson Print, The Grapes in Hexham, My Little Place and also a thank you to the Foodbank for giving them their first grant towards rent. 2022 will see the Charity work with the Children North East Charity and the team look forward to helping more families in need.

Anyone wishing to donate should visit the charity on Facebook.