Hundreds of Northumberland residents stepped outside on 17 December waiting for a procession of trucks to pass through towns and villages.

Fiona Pattinson,one of the organisers, wanted to thank the drivers for all their hard work during Covid.

Amazed with the success, Fiona said: "I’m thrilled with how the whole thing went there’s been nothing but positive feedback and a lot asking for an annual event so that’s what we’re going to do.

"The drivers all seemed to enjoy themselves too, there’s a couple of bits to learn from and change for next year, it’s the first year doing it so we did expect some teething problems but overall thrilled with how the whole thing went.

"There’s some amazing videos and photos been shared on Facebook which is lovely to see and I’ve received a lot of private messages saying how amazing it was! And to see how many people there were on the streets supporting it we’re great."

The event started in Kielder then the trucks drove through Stannersburn, Bellingham, Walk and finished in Egger, Hexham.

Many posted photoraphs and videos of the event and answered questionst to those unaware of the event.

This is what Hexham Readers said about the successful night.

Sarah Smith said:"The trucks through Bellingham was amazing. Well done to all involved. Finally feels like Christmas!"

Linda Eames adds: "Chollerford, amazing absolutely loved it, well done lads."

Others commented about the turnout was good and  loud noises of honking and flashing lights but also commnted it was a good night.

Graham Pyle said:" It is great to see that Northumberland isn’t going to be beaten by Mr Covid, see the guys passing through Heddon regularly. Well done guys keep up the good work."