A garage celebrates the success of receiving over 260 gifts donated for food bank and shelter charities.

EuroGarages BP Hexham Spar have been collecting donations from customers for families who use a food bank or homeless charity during the Christmas period.

Manager Alan Atkinson, started the collection four years ago and continues the annual campaign featuring a tree called an 'angel tree', which is placed in the middle of the store.

Alan said:"The aim of the angel tree is that children, who are from families who use a foodbank or are in a shelter, are given an angle shape.

"They write things on the angel of what they would like for Christmas and it is put on the tree.

"The angel does not have the name or location just the gender and age of the child."

Alan started the collection in November and has now closed it, in preparation to deliver the gifts to the charities.

This year, the store is celebrating as they have received over 260 gifts which include bikes, toys and many other items.

He said: "It’s been another fantastic year.

"We made sure to give out more angels to Hexham Food Bank, Hexham Kids bank and West Northumberland Early Help Team.

"The local community’s support has been amazing."

Alan recalls the first time he started the campaign and how it has progressed four years later.

He said: "When we started four years ago we did 32 Angel’s, I never thought we would be helping over 260 this year, that’s all down to the community.

"The support from the local community has been fantastic, I’ve even had people as far as Cramlington getting involved.

"Me and my staff are so proud and very happy to help those in need even just a little bit at Christmas time. I hope that we can continue to do it for many more years.

"There has been thousands of pounds worth of present donated."

"A Massive Thankyou to each person who has donated and spent time buying these gifts, I’m sure there will be a lot of smiling faces again this Christmas!