Organisers are creating Northumberland’s first ever truck parade this month to thank drivers for their work during Covid-19.

Former teacher assistant, Fiona Pattinson of Bellingham, and Alex MacLennan from Forestry England have organised Northumberland’s first truck parade to say thank you to haulage drivers for their work during Covid.

Fiona knows how hard haulage drivers work, with husband James being one, so she wanted to do something for the workers, but also for the event to be the first large-scale social event towns and villages in the area had had for two years.

She said: “We just thought that this would be something to say ‘thank you’ to haulage drivers who had to work particularly hard during Covid over the last few years.

“The idea is to have timber lorries and haul drivers to drive through villages where families can come out to wave at them, but also for everyone to socialise.

“Some lorries will have decorations on and there will be live music from the Sunshine Panners, and food and drink venues.”

On the night of December 17, the trucks will be following a schedule, which will start from Kielder around 5pm.

They aim to be in Stannersburn at 5.30pm and from there into Bellingham which they will enter from the direction of the golf course.

Following from that, they will be at Wark from 6.30pm, with the final destination being at Egger, in Hexham.

Fiona also wants to use the event to also raise money for charity.

The stay at home mother-of-two said: "The event is also doubling up as a charity fundraiser for Santa’s Little Helpers, which will give money towards families struggling through Christmas.

“We also want to raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for people to donate money which can be done by putting money in the charity buckets at each town or people can donate via the Go Fund Me page.

“We hope it will be successful and that we can make it an annual event.”

To donate money for the Santa’s Little Helpers via the Just giving page: