A NORTH of Tyne funded programme has supported nearly 300 SMEs to get their business online.

Thanks to the Northumberland Covid Business Response Programme (NCBRP) and digital marketing consultancy The Allies Group, millions of online users became potential customers for Northumberland based businesses.

NCBRP was launched over a year ago to support SMEs from various sectors that had been adversely affected by Covid.

The project was funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and delivered by Advance Northumberland on behalf of Northumberland County Council and the Northumberland Business Hub.

The programme was split into two elements - Digital Advantage and Business Advantage.

As part of the Digital Advantage element, businesses were able to work with industry experts to build an online ad campaign across either Google or Facebook.

Working collectively to support businesses across the county, Allies Group and the team behind NCBRP delivered and managed 150 digital marketing campaigns across Google and Facebook on behalf of Northumberland based SMEs.

Chris March, CEO of Allies Group, said: "Allies Group were extremely proud to play our part in supporting 150 businesses across Northumberland at an unprecedented time in the UK's history.

"The NCBRP programme was an overwhelming success and provided a lifeline to SME's throughout the county.

"We supported businesses who were losing hope of ever recovering from the onslaught of the global pandemic and opened up a world of new opportunity for them through the power of online advertising."