A Hexham business is celebrating its 40th year and success of staying open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business, David Dixons, will be celebrating its 40th year of business later than planned.

The store is a Garden Machinery company that is on Border House, Anick Road in Hexham.

It was opened in 1980 and the store has been suppliers, service engineers and advisers to the arboricultural and horticultural industry in the North East of England.

The store also has a hire service that allows customers to meet their needs of products with a ‘try and buy’ opportunity.

They are also main dealers of Husqvarna,Aspen,Draper, Oregon, Mountfield and Rover.

During lockdown, it was one of many businesses that stayed open during Covid to help other key workers.

Workshop manager Oliver Cowan said: “Staying open during Covid was crazy.

"We never closed the shop but we had a waiting list for a couple of months.

“We had a lot of work to do to keep industries still afloat when it was lockdown and restrictions.

“None of the industries we supplied for stopped during lockdown, which meant we were still in business and had to keep going for their sake.

Oliver added:”Although we never closed, we did have to turn phones off and restrict customers coming into the store.

“By doing this, It did restrict income but we were very very busy so we had to do it, to keep up with the demand.”

The business hopes next year to celebrate its 40th year of trading with a bang.

Oliver Cowan said: “To mark the occasion of our 40th anniversary, we want to get suppliers together and do a mini show, like a mini Corbridge show.

“Although it was last year, the 40th year, we could not do it due to Covid so are hoping that we can do it soon so we can celebrate our businesses success.

"I would like to thank all current, past and present customers."