A petition for changes on a dangerous Hexham road has been accepted by Northumberland County Council.

The petition created by mother-of-two Tara Wright, of Hexham, called for changes on Allendale Road.

Tara, 33 ,started the petition, as she claims nearly every day she has witnessed drivers doing 'frightening speeds' in the area when watching her children walk to school.

She handed the petition over at a local area council meeting with 672 signatures from local residents.

She has now received news that the petition has been accepted.

Tara said: "I am pleased it is being listened and looked at. I just so hope that something now gets done.

"They sent an email out just a week ago stating the petition had been accepted and that they will be preparing a report for 16th March 2022."

With news of the petition being accepted, Mrs Wright has also seen further progress on safety measures on the road.

She said: "Things have started happening and there have been speed rumble strips on the whole section of Allendale Road that was asked for.

"Although they are not permanent, they are just recording the speed of the drivers that are using the road.

"It will give them a good picture of how fast people are travelling along the road for them to see what the actual speed of the road is. Then it will be interesting to see what happens from there."

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: "The petition was received and the issues raised are under consideration - a response will be provided to the Local Area Council in due course.

"Speed survey and other information collection is currently being undertaken in the area to provide more information to further assess the issues raised.

"As noted previously, improvements were recently made to extend the 20mph speed limit at school times, with the introduction of new LED interactive signs.

"Further improvements to road markings are also planned when the road is resurfaced and any other improvements felt necessary will be considered once the issues raised in the petition have been fully assessed."