As Christmas is approaching, last minute shopping occurs - not only for Christmas presents but for turkeys too.

To save any disappointment, we have put a list together of some of the local butchers in Hexham and to inform readers of what their deadlines are.

We hope this will help and allow you to have more of a chance of not missing out on a turkey dinner.

Cranstons Butchers, Living North Ltd, 7 Cattle Market, Hexham have said that their deadline is the December 15.

Whereas Hugh Thompson Butchers, on 1 Front St, Barrasford, Hexham have said: "We do not have a deadline as we always buy extra in, just in case extra guests have been added to the Christmas dinner.

"We have always done this, so by experience we know that is important to buy in extra for last minute buyers.

"We will have turkeys on sale till Christmas Eve and we always have spare boneless turkey crowns to split the breasts to do turkey joints."

Additionally, WMH Quality Farm Fresh Meats & Hogroasts on 4 Church St, Haydon Bridge, Hexham have also said: "There are no deadlines, customers can get them when you get them. We always get extra to supply when the demand is high."