A Gnome will be visiting Hexham throughout December to check on Hexham's behaviour.

A Scandinavian Gnome called Tomte-Nisse, is visiting Hexham as part of job he has been given by elder Gnomes, to watch children of Hexham's behaviour leading up to Christmas.

Tomte-Nisse will be watching from various businesses shop windows around Hexham town centre and sending a report back to his elders on who has been good or bad.

Although he will be working, Tomte-Nisse has come up with a game of hide and seek with the children and residents of Hexham.

Each day Tomte-Nisse will be in a new place and it is up to residents to guess where he will be.

A friend of the Tomte- Nisse, Gary from ThinkSmall/Hexham Business Group, will be creating a guessing form on The Hexham Gnomes Facebook page.

Rachel Ladd from Hexham Community Partnership said:“We’re very excited to hear that a special Christmas gnome is hiding somewhere in Hexham.

"There’s a rumour that if you spot his new hiding place every day he may reward you with a little treat!

"It’s lovely that the businesses across town are getting into the festive spirit and giving Tomte-Nisse a warm pace to stay while he’s visiting Hexham.”