Projects seeking planning permission from Northumberland County Council...

ACOMB: Andrew Hanson, Exemption under paragraph 5 of The Caravan sites and Control of Development Act 1960, to operate a certified camping and caravan site, Sunniside House, Ref. No. 21/04546/MISC

ALLENDALE: Mr and Mrs Lees and Revely, Proposed two-storey extension; existing flat roof to be replaced with a new traditional pitched roof, Dene Croft, The Dene, Ref. No. 21/04526/FUL

ALLENDALE: Ms Elizabeth McQuillen, Single storey rear extension and internal alterations, Hotspur House, Arnison Terrace, Ref. No. 21/04584/FUL

ALLENDALE: Ms Elizabeth McQuillen, Listed building consent for a single storey rear extension and internal alterations, Hotspur House, Arnison Terrace, Ref. No. 21/04585/LBC

BARDON MILL: Stanley Richardson, Discharge of conditions 3 (materials), 4 (car parking area) and 5 (vehicle cleaning/parking/unloading and unloading of plan and materials) on approved planning application 19/01929/FUL, Hadrians Garden Villa, Ruffers Close, Ref. No. 21/04506/DISCON

BELLINGHAM: Mr Billy Ward, Demolition of 2 no. youth hostel cabins and erection of 9 no. caravan pitches and children's play area, Hareshaw Linn Caravan Park, Ref. No. 21/04592/FUL

HALTWHISTLE: Mr William Hind, Change of use from retail to residential, Vallum House, Westgate, Ref. No. 21/04532/COU

HAYDON BRIDGE: Mr Peter MacDonald, Proposed conversion of existing redundant farm building into single dwelling, Low Hall Farmhouse, Ref. No. 21/04540/FUL

HEDDON-ON-THE-WALL: Mr Brian Phillips, Internal/external alterations including re-location main entrance, staircase, changes to number of windows and sizes including dormer, new larger openings and porch on east elevation, High Seat, Ref. No. 21/04598/FUL

HEXHAM: Mr Chris Bowlby, Non-material amendment (Use natural stone to the walls of the extension, natural roofing slate and conservation style roof lights to the roof of the extension) on approved application 21/01272/FUL, 3 Windmill Hill, Ref. No. 21/04608/NONMAT

HEXHAM: Mr Dodwell, Discharge of condition 3(Shopfront large scale elevational details and sections) on approved application 21/02827/LBC, Vercelli Ltd, 36 Priestpopple, Ref. No. 21/04586/DISCON

HEXHAM: Mr David King-Lewis, Tree Preservation Order application: T1 Oak - Removal of deadwood from crown, lift canopy to 3m over property and reduce to boundary by 2m. T2 Oak - Deadwood to be removed from canopy, crown lift to 3m over property and crown reduced by 2m to boundary, Land East Of 17 Edgewood, Hillside Road, Ref. No. 21/04308/FELTPO

HEXHAM: Hexham Studio, Discharge of condition 10 (construction method statement) pursuant to planning permission 21/00430/FUL, Storage Land Unit 21, Haugh Lane Industrial Estate, Ref. No. 21/04555/DISCON

HEXHAM: Mr Hulse, Change of use from retail to part retail (ground floor of 1 Cattle Market) and part residential use and proposed opening up of 2no. existing windows and 1no. doorway on West elevation onto Eastgate, 1 Cattle Market And 2 Eastgate, Ref. No. 21/04572/FUL

HEXHAM: Lidl Great Britain Limited, Advertisement consent for installation of 2no. canopy signs, 1no. small billboard, 1no. poster display unit and 1no. double sided parking sign, Lidl Unit 1, Hexham Gate Retail Park, Ref. No. 21/04530/ADE

HEXHAM: Mr Stephen Price, Tree Preservation Order Application: Oak tree, lift crown to 7 metres and remove deadwood and prune laterals in accordance to BS3998, 31 Dotland Close, Ref. No. 21/04277/PRUTPO

OTTERBURN: Mr Bruce Wilkinson, Advertisement consent for installation of 2no. 3 sided freestanding monolith secured into concrete foundation with 3no. graphics secured to 3 sides of monolith, Otterburn Mill, Ref. No. 21/04559/ADE

REDBURN: Dr J Conoly, New access and parking for two vehicles, Rose Cottage, U7070 Broadacres To Thorntree Close, Ref. No. 21/04533/FUL

RIDING MILL: Mr Jeff Lee, Discharge of conditions : 3 (materials) pursuant to planning approval 21/00600/FUL, Wentworth Grange Nursing Home, Underwood Road, Ref. No. 21/04331/DISCON

RIDING MILL: Mrs Claire Taperell, Two storey rear extension and rear entrance, High Shilford Cottage, High Shilford, Ref. No. 21/04518/FUL

STOCKSFIELD: Mr and Mrs Harrison, Extension to Kitchen to form Kitchen/dining area, Windbury, Main Road, Ref. No. 21/04538/FUL

WEST WOODBURN: Mr Bruce Wilkinson, Advertisement consent for 1 x A1 landscape lectern on 2No. timber posts secured into a concrete foundation from 02/05/2022 to 02/05/2032, St Cuthberts Church, Corsenside, Ref. No. 21/04565/ADE

WEST WOODBURN: Mr Bruce Wilkinson, Advertisement consent for installation of monolith to be located on grassed area to East of pub car park, North of metal access gate, Bay Horse Tavern, Ref. No. 21/04566/ADE