AFTER Storm Arwen devastated much of the UK this past weekend leaving many without power, Farplace Animal Rescue in Weardale near Sidehead have been drastically affected.

The whole area of Sidehead was left without electricity after their power lines were brought down by strong winds, leaving all residents and businesses without heating or hot water which is still not restored.

Storm Arwen destroyed Farplace Rescue's power and phone lines, meaning the staff could not pump water up to the rescue itself, or keep the animals warm in their enclosures, including the terrapin tanks.

Gareth Edwards, CEO of Farplace Rescue, said: "we have been told it could be weeks before the pylons are replaced to bring power back to the rescue."

Edwards explained that: "We have kept everything going for two days and have a small temporary generator that works for four hours then runs out of fuel, so we need a big generator to ensure we can keep all the animals watered and warm in the future."

If the rescue does not have working generators and therefore water, the animals "would be at serious risk of life. The very old and very young cats need warmth, and the terrapins need their water to be warm."

The rescue, which has two charity shops in Hexham, care for approximately 200 animals, including wildlife, horses, cats, and chickens.

Luckily, "not a single animal was lost in this storm, but we need to make sure we are more resilient for future storms."

Installing the generator "will be around £15,000 for the cost of purpose, installation, and integration with all barns and outbuildings. We will have to get a crane in to drop the generator into position."

Once complete, "it will integrate with renewable energy plans we want to bring to the rescue next year."

Farplace Rescue would appreciate any help you can give towards a new generator. Visit to see ways to donate.