PUPILS from a Prudhoe school have helped to support Afghan refugees who have come to the region.

Children in Year 4 at Adderlane Academy held a fundraising day to put together care packages for those in need.

The 'pyjama and hot chocolate day' saw pupils each bring 50p to school or a donation of something that could be included in a care package - like toothbrushes, soap and deodorant. The money brought by pupils was used to buy more items.

"The reason behind this fundraising day is that Year 4's geography unit last half term was migration", said teacher Rebecca Forrest. "The children learnt all about what migration is and the different types of migration.

"They also learnt what a refugee is and why people become refugees. We looked specifically at what was happening in the news at the time and decided we wanted to do something to help the refugees fleeing Afghanistan.

She added: "We are so grateful for the generosity of donations. This will have a huge impact on the Afghanistan refugees who came to our region recently.

"I am very proud of the Year 4 children who have been extremely respectful and thoughtful during this time. Their maturity on this subject has shone through."

Fundraising efforts were well supported by pupils.

Oliver, a Year 4 student, said: "I am really happy with what everyone brought in for the refugees, plus we got to wear pjs for school and got some hot chocolate."

Classmate Brandon added: "I am very happy that we can make care packages for the refugees with all of the supplies donated."