A 91-year-old Haltwhistle man is celebrating his second book of poems being published.

Bryan Stevens, 90, of Haltwhistle, wrote his second book of poems 'Second Thoughts' during Lockdown as he claimed "there was nothing else to do".

He said: "I have always dabbled with writing poetry but it was always on and off.

"I could not think of anything else to do during lockdown, so I thought why not.

"I am not interested in TV, so my wife stays down stairs and watches Tv, so I either read or write upstairs."

This is a second book of poems the former solicitor has had published and is a sequel to 'Laughter and Reflection' three years ago, which had sold out.

Bryan said: "I was amazed how my previous book sold out and there were I made sure this time there were more copies".

Although there is a reference Covid-19 in his first poem in 'Pandemic (2020-21)' , there are poems that are mixed emotions and about different situations like growing older, pipe dreams and the weather.

Mr Stevens said: "In the book there are a mixture of verses, some happy, some sad but at the end I always try to leave on a positive note.

"I thought it would funny to provide a picture of myself when I was in the Yorkshire Regiment and compare myself in a poem alongside a pic of what I look like today and what the mock myself of the differences are."

Although Bryan's wife and friends are proud of his accomplishments, they were in the dark about his recent publishing.

Bryan said: "I don't like anyone to see my work until it is completely finished.

"Even my wife didn't know that I had wrote a book of poems until I handed her my recent book when she was watching TV and said to her 'I wrote this during the lockdown', to which her surprise was 'did you?'.

"They have all been very supportive."

Anyone interested in purchasing the book can contact Bryan himself on 01434 321314 and the books are £6 (£7 for post). The proceeds will go to the Hexham and Haltwhistle hospital.