Local Haltwhistle man Terry Christie has been a town councillor for less than a year and already has made a huge impact to residents in the town.

Mr Christie is not only the owner of the Manor House Inn in, which he took over and bought in 2018, but also has his own landscaping business, to which he soon expanding in Haltwhistle.

Further more, he has also bought the old church hall next to the Manor Inn,to which he plans to build Haltwhistle's 'first care home', with partner Rachel, which he will present to Northumberland City Council in January.

On top of that, any other spare time he works hard as a town councillor and as a Freemason.

Terry took up the position of town councillor earlier this year after residents of Haltwhistle encouraged him to go for it.

He said: "I came here and wanted to make a difference, so that was one of the main reasons why I took up the position of being a town councillor.

"Everyone I talked too when I came to Haltwhistle said I would be great and encouraged me to go for it.

"So I went for it and took up the position earlier this year. It has been great and I am loving my job so far.

"I try and be a yes man and help anyone out. I hate to say no to anything and anyone."

When talking about his business plans, Terry said: "I believe that all my plans will benefit the community, as I will create new jobs abd a care home Haltwhistle needs."

Speaking about Terry as a councillor and recipients of Terry's help, Richard MacDonald and Keith Teasdale said: "Terry has been amazing since coming to Haltwhistle.

"He has reformed the Manor House Inn and made it very welcoming but also restored its beauty of what is was like before its previous owners.

"We are both very thankful for his generosity to donate money to both our causes. He really does try and help everyone out as much as he can and is a great asset to the town.