SAFETY concerns over the A69 have again been raised following a fatal collision this week.

At 3.21am on Monday, police received a report of a collision involving a car and a heavy goods vehicle on the A69 near Haltwhistle.

Many campaigners have long called for the A69 west of Hexham, where there have been numerous accidents over the years, to be made into a dual carriageway.

In August, father-of-two Billy McCreadie (41), of Newcastle, died following a serious crash involving a car and a heavy goods vehicle on the A69 at Greenhead.

Here is what Hexham Readers have said about the A69.

Keri Elizabeth Baptist said: "Lived here a year and use the A69 from Bardon mill to Newcastle and never experienced so much dangerous driving in my life. People are  weaving in and out they need to think about kids travelling to school etc put other peoples lives at risk for their own impatience !!"

Paul Hind agrees with Keri and addded: "If people followed the road conditions and speed limits accidents would drastically be reduced. No such thing as a dangerous road only a dangerous driver."

Peter Thew adds: "A69 West of hexham is one of the worst roads around. I avoid it unless necessary. The lack of overtaking areas leads to people taking stupid risks."

Many other readers such as Mark Lee Heavisides, Janice Marie and Stephen Sparke  also believe that it is the people who are driving are more dangerous than the road.

Stephen adds: "it's got worse since lockdown"