A Northumberland couple are embracing greener central heating and encouraging others to do the same, amid the £13.5bn country-wide cost of heating homes.

It comes after COP26 which saw the eyes of the world focus on the environment.

Claire and Stephen Riddell, of Otterburn, have installed an air source heating system in their bungalow from housing provider Karbon Homes.

One Hexham reader, Hayley Ellen Watson agrees with the couple and said: "I absolutely love ours - we can control the temperature in most of the rooms and it’s toasty warm in the winter with underfloor heating."

Laura Greene also agrees but talks about the process of it being fitted.

She said: "We had one fitted earlier this year. We can't fault the system and it's so far been cheaper to run than our old coal fired heating. They absolutely tore our house apart in to process of fitting it however."



Dale Silloc talks about his expreience. He said:"I hated it when I first used it but I am becoming more used to it and running it in combo with a log burner.

"It roughly costs me around 90p to £1.20 a day to keep the house at a steady 19'c (with solar panels) but if were to switch the heating off and let the temp drop it would take about 12 hours for the temp to rise from say 14'c to 21'c."

Other readers, however, feel different towards the idea of the heating system.

Susan Ridley said "I had this heating in bardon mill had nothing but hassle with it if it broke down you lost hot water and heating and not meny companys know how to fix it they wore at mine nearly every wk never again."

Agreeing with Susan Ridley, Maureen Flando Scargill said:"Our air source heat pump was the biggest and most expensive mistake we've ever made. Notoriously inefficient and unbelievable expensive to run. We just managed to get our repaired after no heat for over NINE WEEKS. These people live it because they didn't have to pay for it and it's excruciatingly high running costs. Spends more time in the winter defrosting itself then it does generating any heat."