A POPULAR nativity show is set to return for the first time since the pandemic.

Wheelbirks Parlour, Stocksfield has been running the nativity biannually since 2011.

The idea for the nativity came about as a way for Wheelbirks to raise money for charity, this year all the money raised will be going to the Farm Safety Foundation.

The Farm Safety Foundation is a charity that has been set up for farmers between 16 years old and 40 years old to help with their mental health and farm safety.

The nativity shows will take place on Monday, December 13 and Tuesday, December 14 both starting at 6;30 and 7;45 on both nights.

On why they picked this charity Lucinda Richardson, from Wheelbirks Parlour said: "This charity goes around trying to prevent accidents on farms and also support farmers who are suffering from depression and loneliness.

"They are doing it for this group of farmers as they are our next generation of farmers and that's where unfortunately the highest number of suicides are which is really upsetting."

The nativity itself is made up of 21 people, including the Richardson family and members of the parlour team, based on the farm the nativity is a live experience where the audience can get involved and make the journey to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph.

The show is a very family orientated event, Lucinda is the narrator and guide of the story, her husband Tom is playing the part of the innkeeper, their daughter will play the part of Mary with her boyfriend playing Joseph and their son will play the part of a Shepard.

On why she started the nativity, Lucinda said: "The nativity is different, it is more traditional and the fact it is the story behind the true meaning of Christmas."

People can purchase tickets now, for children they are £9.50 and for adults they are £19.95 with all proceeds going to the Farm Safety Foundation.

Pre-booking is essential as you cannot purchase tickets on the door, people are also asked if to wear appropriate clothing as they will be walking around the farm.