The housing market in Hexham is still booming despite a drop in house prices countywide.

In September, house prices in Northumberland dropped by 1.7%, the average Northumberland house price in September was £179,061, Land Registry figures show – a 1.7% decrease in August.

Statistics also show that Northumberland underperformed compared to the 2.5% rise for the UK as a whole.

Marc Hydleman, Branch manager and senior valuer at Pattinsons says that Hexham is still 'very high on demand' and a lack of supply is keeping prices in the town high.

In August, data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that the number of people moving to Northumberland were growing and it appears that trend hasn't stopped.

Marc said the lack of supply in the town is keeping the housing prices high. On why there is a lack of supply he said: "A lot of people are looking to move but they are not putting their house on the market until they have found somewhere.

"If people put their houses on the market there is more supply and then they would be able to move as well.

"At the moment we have an awful lot of people looking but not so many people selling."

As the housing market in Hexham remains busy, Pattinsons are up by 60% in the same period of 2020.

The drop of house prices in Northumberland has not reversed the longer-term trend, which like Hexham has seen property prices increase, in Northumberland, there has been an annual growth of 10.3%.

Over the last year, the average sale price of a property in Northumberland rose by £17,000 – putting the area eighth among the North East’s 13 local authorities for annual growth.

Buyers paid 17.2% more than the average price in the North East (£153,000) in September for a property in Northumberland. Across the North East, property prices are low compared to those across the UK, where the average cost £270,000.

Marc sad that this continuing increase is partly down to the pandemic, he said that renting prices in the area are also rising due to the shortage of supply.