Doctor Who fans travelled from all across the country to descend upon Allendale on Saturday morning to meet an ex- Dr Who companion and to watch the official reopening of Allendale’s Museum of Science Fiction.

Actor, Sophie Alred, who played the Doctor Who companion,‘Ace’ thrilled fans as she recreated her famous scene whereby she attacked a Dalek with her trademark baseball bat as a form of an opening ceremony.

Owner of the museum, Neil Cole said: “To celebrate the official reopening of the sci-fi museum, I asked Ace if she could re-enact her popular scene from her time on the Dr Who show between 1987-89.

“The reopening was very successful.

"A crowd of fans and museum supporters gathered at 9.30am to watch ‘Ace’ utter her immortal line – ‘Who are you calling small?! And then proceed to smash the baseball bat over the unfortunate ‘Allendalek’!”

Later on in the day, Sophie held a meet and greet at Allendale’s own Forge Studios in local artist/educator Debbi Doodle’s’ studio space.

Fans were also treated to a parade of classic Doctor Who monsters provided by Kevin Taylor and The Hyde Fundraisers which included a stunning example of Davros, the creator of the Daleks, and played by actor SP Bowling.

The actor has appeared on recent BBC Blu ray promotions.

Neil continued: “Fans were able to become stars themselves, as throughout the day, award-winning director Keith Barnfather (well known to Dr Who buffs as the founder of ‘Reeltime Pictures’) interviewed fans about the museum in preparation of his new documentary – ‘Doctor on Display - Part 1’.

The documentary is part of a new series looking at the history of the classic Doctor Who exhibitions.

Neil added: “It was a great day although I was suffering from post-viral fatigue from contracting Covid.

“I was very glad I was helped out for the day by eager family, friends and museum supporters.

“I did make an appearance to introduce Sophie, meet supporters and have an impromptu guitar battle with a Sea Devil (Hal Townsend) from Jon Pertwee’s era of the classic SF show!”