Guests at a wedding were surprised and tearful when the groom unexpectedly made a speech his new bride called “endearing, sweet, thoughtful and funny”.
Adam Lowes, 30, met Katie Livingstone-Evans, 27, when he picked his brother up from her Halloween party she was hosting at her parents house.
It was not ‘love at first sight’ for the pair, but, Katie did fall in love with his car and with help from Adam’s brother, she claims it was the reason they got together.
Katie said: “Adam picked his brother Glen up from my mum and dads house. I didn’t know Adam at the time but I liked his car. Glen then thought he would tell Adam this and the rest is history!”
Since then the Ponteland pair were inseparable and in 2019 Adam proposed to Katie.
Katie said “Adam proposed to me on Bamburgh Beach on the 27th December 27, 2019. Bamburgh holds a special place in my family hearts for many reasons, it was the perfect place.”
From then Katie took charge of the wedding.
Katie said: “Adam chose the beer! Margaret my mum basically organised the whole day and kept me right throughout the whole process! Also Aiden and all of the staff at Langley Castle who worked so hard to make our day so wonderful.”
“We knew Langley castle was the perfect venue. The Castle is simply stunning. When you arrive at the Castle and drive up towards it you just want to say WOW!”
The couple only had to postpone their wedding once and were thankful that it was not any more.
They married on Friday, July 16, at Langley Castle Hotel and were surrounded by friends and family. The bride wore a dress from Wed2Be which she claimed she fell instantly in love with. Adam and his groomsmen wore green tweed suits from Moss Bross.
For the evening, the couple chose to have a tipi erected on the grounds of Langely castle.
Katie said: “We loved the Castle and it was going to provide the most perfect backdrop the Tipi wedding.”
As well as guest from the wedding, the bride and groom had extra visitors. Katie said: “Our funniest memory from the day was watching our guests feed the Alpacas carrots from their mouths! But we loved our first dance which was ‘Times like these’ by the Foo Fighters. We didn’t want a soppy first dance so we started the dance with a slow acoustic version of times like these, which then led into the full rock version.”