A worried Hexham mother-of-two has handed over a petition to call for action to make the town’s Allendale Road safer.
Tara Wright, 33, started the petition in October as she was worried about her children’s safety when walking to school.
 Since posting her petition she has had a lot of support by residents of Tynedale and had managed to gain 672 signatures.
Tara handed over the petition at the Local Area Council meeting in Morpeth on November 9.
At the meeting, she was given five minutes to state why action was needed for the “death trap road”, which runs past Queen Elizabeth High School.
The mum reiterated the problems with speeding, the single file path and recent accidents on the road – one which needed an air ambulance.
She also agreed with the proposed 20mph ‘blanket’ over Hexham but said action was needed to make it happen.
After five minutes, the chair of the meeting, Cllr Trevor Cessford thanked her and talked through the next stages after the council read through the proposal.
There were no questions from other councillors as it had not been formally accepted and the next stage is to go the petitions department to check there are more than 50 signatures and that she lives in the county area to be submitted.
Speaking about the meeting, Tara said: “I thought it went well. I felt I got my point across. However what you couldn’t see is all the work that went into the document I handed over.
“It was a huge paper based document with 662 signatures and a lot of supporting evidence that I have spent weeks pulling together including details of speed gun initiatives the police have carried out, highways reports regarding residents driveways, photographs and measurements of useable pathways, parents and residents comments and much much more. 
“I am pleased with what I managed to pull together and feel like I’ve put as good a case forward as any. It is now in the county council’s hands to do something about it.”
The date of the outcome of the council’s decision of the petition is December 4.