A planning application has been submitted for a glamping pod to be built near Haltwhistle.
The proposal has been made by Chris Chisholm and the agent is Hedley Planning Services.
Northumberland County Council received the planning application and statement on October 11.
The site is situated next to an unnamed road, yet is the primary access route into Kellah and is accessed via the A69 to the north.
The status of the application is unknown but the proposed place for the glamping pod is on land south of Hill Top, Lambley, Haltwhistle.
Originally, the application was for two pods to be built. However, there were concerns raised about the proximity to nearby neighbours, so one pod was scrapped.
It would be built in the existing garden attached to Mr Chisholm’s home.
The aim is to provide “luxury tourist accommodation” which would “aid in the growth of rural economic enterprises, but assist in the diversifying of Northumberland’s tourist accommodation.”
It is stated that the pod would be constructed from sealed timber redwood, with a timber base frame and the wood would be two-tone, with a lighter exterior on the door with stained black panels.
It is understood that Highways works have been commissioned in support of the application and access points and parking facilities have been designed into the scheme.
The pod would have no formal surface water drainage and would shed any water onto the surrounding area, so it is believed that there will be no change to the current situation in terms of
surface water discharge. The foul water flows from the hut would be discharged into the existing treatment system on site and would be maintained by the home-owner.