A trip down memory lane, we take a look back at the stories to have hit the headlines 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125-years ago. Do you remember any of the events?


OLYMPIC PREP: It was announced the iconic Olympic Torch Relay would pass through Prudhoe, Stocksfield, Riding Mill and Hexham.

SHEEP RUSTLING: Police investigated the latest incident of sheep rustling in Tynedale. The 26 animal, stolen from a farm at Bellingham, were thought to have been caught to order and slaughtered.

GOLDEN REWARD: Honesty proved the best policy for two teenagers who struck gold for their local football club. After finding a solid gold neck chain on the pitch, Corbridge United U13 members Jake McPherson and Jack Colmer handed it in to police. But, as the item was unclaimed, it was returned to the football club who will sell it on and put the funds towards a big end of season bash.

TURBINE BID REJECTED: Proposals for a controversial windfarm on a farm in Tynedale owned by a Gloucester MP were rejected. A Government planning inspector threw out plans by RWE Npower Renewables for four 125 metre turbines at Bavington Hill Head Farm, near Kirkharle.


MAN TRAPPED: A Haltwhistle man broke his arm when the jack holding up the car he was working on gave way and trapped him underneath. The man was under the car on Comb Hill Road. He was released by a Haltwhistle fire crew using air bags and taken to Hexham General Hospital for treatment.

HOSPITAL PACT: When a Haltwhistle teenager seriously injured in a car crash emerged from a week-long coma, her first words were to give her headmaster a friendly ticking-off. And the sequel came when Haydon Bridge High School head David Thompson had to carry out a penance and wash food trays in the school canteen.

SQUIRRELS ENDANGERED: It was reported the endangered red squirrel was in danger of being wiped out in Tynedale, following an alarming increase in sightings of the rival American grey squirrel. Until not long prior, Northumberland remained the only country virtually free of the grey species of squirrel.

HIGH SHERIFF NAMED: A Corbridge man was nominated as the new High Sheriff of Northumberland at an ancient ceremony at London's High Court. Gordon Ramsay's nomination was given the official stamp of approval by the Lord Chief Justice Lord Bingham and four other senior judges at the Royal Courts of Justice.


GO-AHEAD FOR GARAGES: Retrospective planning permission was granted for five garages at Riverside Cottages, Acomb, despite their having been erected without Hexham Rural Council's consent and their being described as an eyesore by one councillor.

ARACHNOID FIND: Spider's eggs were found in an ice-cream cone sold to a child in Prudhoe.

RESERVOIR RALLY: A rally held at Kielder by the North Tyne Valley Preservation Society, then protesting against plans to create the giant Kielder Water reservoir there, attracted a 100-strong turn-out.

ELDERLY INITIATIVE: Plans to open a day centre for the elderly in Allendale were afoot.


HARVEST SERVICE: A special harvest service was held at Hexham Abbey 50 years ago for German prisoners-of-war who had done voluntary work at local farm during the preceding year. The 1,000 German officers had been at Featherstone Park camp, near Haltwhistle, and had put in voluntary work at some 300 West Northumbrian farms the year before.

ORGANIST APPOINTED: Reginald Cooper, formerly organist at Chesterfield's parish Church, was appointed as organist at Hexham Abbey.

ON THE LOOSE: Four of the first, six-strong litter of golden hamsters bred in Tynedale and both their parents escaped from their homes in Hexham and Anick. The six escaped hamsters, then a relatively new and exotic pet, were among the first few-hundred of the Syrian rodents to be reared in the UK.

COMEBACK FOR INSTITUTE: Heddon-on-the-Wall Women's Institute made a comeback after having been in abeyance for the previous seven years.


MEMORIAL SCHEME: A war memorial cross was unveiled and, as part of the same project, the foundation stone of a district nurse's cottage laid at Stocksfield. These ceremonies were conducted by the then Viscountess Allendale.

VILLAGE VENTURE: A new village hall was opened at Falstone. Col. Douglas Clifton Brown, then MP for Hexham, performed the ceremony.


HOTEL BREAK-IN: Thieves ransacked the Morpeth Arms Temperance Hotel at Halton-lea-Gate, helping themselves to money, tobacco and confectionery.