A Men's formal wear store in Hexham is already expanding after being open for two months.

The store has started working with Mark Darcy and Guide London, stocking their products.

S&S Attire has also expanded to selling men's casual wear and women's blazers, this is on the back of the continuing success the store has had since opening earlier in the year.

Co-director, Stephen Dial said: "We have been quite lucky, a lot of the locals have spread the word. It has been good in that sense.

"We have been open for two months, in the first two months it has been really busy which has been good for us."

Stephen co-directs the business alongside his wife Amy and his best friend Stuart Brand and his wife Jill.

Recently, Stephen was visited by Sky Sports Presenter and Hexham's own Pete Graves who came down to the store and purchased a suit.

On the visit, Stephen said: "We messaged him as we're trying to get some brand exposure and he was really up for it, he came in and we showed him our brands and got a picture of him wearing our products."

Stephen may be soon visited by another famous face, on the back of Pete's visit, Robson Green commented on his post to say that he will be down to the store to take a look at the products.

After Christmas, S&S Attire will be looking at expanding their opening days, the team are also looking at opening other stores around Hexham as they expand their products.

When the store first opened, Stephen said their aim was to revitalise the Hexham high street and bring people back shopping after the pandemic.

On the shop and the Hexham high street, Stephen said: " Compared to where i thought we were going to be in terms of sales, were miles ahead of that.

"I think the high street has bounced back well.

"It has been nice to locals come to us and buy products from us rather then go to the bigger chains. So far we have been really really lucky."