CORBRIDGE: Mr Andrew Lapping, Certificate of Lawful Development - Proposed use for conversion of garage into habitable room including formation of doorway from lounge into existing garage, replacement of roof and alterations to existing garage windows and doors, 32 Chantry Estate, Ref. No. 21/04253/CLPROP

CORBRIDGE: Mrs D Longmore, Trees in a Conservation Area Application - T1, Thuja-fell because of excessive shading and low amenity value; T2 & T3, Yews-reduce crown each tree by 2.5 metres, Appletree Grange, Newcastle Road, Ref. No. 21/04326/TREECA

CORBRIDGE: Mr Ian Wilkin, Internal alteration to ground and first floor plans, alteration of windows and doors, rear extension and associated landscaping works, West Cheynes, Stagshaw Road, Ref. No. 21/04241/FUL

DALTON: Mrs D.M. Halbert, Discharge of conditions 3 (openings) and 5 (services plan) on approved application 19/04299/LBC, Dalton House, Ref. No. 21/04261/DISCON

DARRAS HALL: Mr Ben Cox, Rear extensions comprising, First floor bedroom over existing kitchen area, single storey rear extension, econfiguration of internal spaces and new porch and amendments to principal elevation, 117 Western Way, Ref. No. 21/04216/FUL

DARRAS HALL: Extend front elevation of property to be in line with front of attached Garage, create Utility Room behind Garage and replace Garage Roof, 3 Willow Place, Ref. No. 21/04013/FUL

DARRAS HALL: Mr And Mrs John Rossen, Proposed family room and garage extension with new entrance, hallway and first floor bedroom extension, 39 Woodside, Ref. No. 21/04270/FUL

HEDDON-ON-THE-WALL: Mr Mark Mulholland, Single storey rear extension with undercroft external store below, 15 Campus Martius, Ref. No. 21/04255/FUL

HEXHAM: Mr Francis Charlton, Tree Preservation Order Application: T1 Small Yew 70cm all round crown reduction, T2 Large Lime 30% crown reduction in terms of height and Crown lift to 5m, T3 Medium Yew 1m all round crown reduction from branch tips in terms of both height and spread, T5 Large beech crown lift, removing 4 lower branches up to 20cm in diameter including those overhanging road, T7 Large Yew Crown reduction of up to 4m in height and reduce overall horizontal spread of crown by 3m on all sides, T8 Large Lime Crown lift to 5m, T9 Large Beech Remove, and XXX Self seeded holly saplings remove, 3 Carlisle Terrace, Ref. No. 21/04283/FELTPO

HEXHAM: Mr Alistair Knowles, Discharge of Conditions 3 (windows and doors), 4 (uplighters), 5 (signs) and 7(awning details) on approved planning application 19/00222/LBC, 26 Priestpopple, Ref. No. 21/04333/DISCON

HEXHAM: Mrs F Robson, Tree Preservation order Application - T1 & T2 Ash - Fell as these trees are suffering from Ash Dieback. Replace with two Silver Birch, 1 Overstone Gardens, Elvaston Road, Ref. No. 21/04325/FELTPO

HEXHAM: Ana Speed, Certificate of Lawful Development - Proposed use for kitchen alteration and extension to the rear of the property, Stonegarth, Elvaston Drive, Ref. No. 21/04273/CLPROP

HEXHAM: Jonathan Wilson, Retrospective planning application for the siting of a single storey portacabin for office use, Hexham Ts & Hwrc, French Garden Industrial Centre, Ref. No. 21/04268/FUL

HORSLEY: Stonegate Group, Advertisement consent for 2 x Non illuminated Amenity Boards and 1 x Double sided illuminated Projecting sign fixed to existing bracket, Lion And Lamb, Ref. No. 21/04329/ADE

HUMSHAUGH: Mr David Sedgewick, Prior notification for a steel portal frame general purpose agricultural storage building, Errington Red House Farm, Ref. No. 21/04335/AGRGDO

MATFEN: Thomas Webb, Trees in a Conservation Area: T17 Laburnums Crown reduction to 6m high and spread by 1.5m all round reduction from branch tips (leaving a spread of 5m) and T18 Laburnum: Reduce crown to 7m high and spread by 2.5m all round reduction from branch tips (leaving a spread of 7m). Group of trees: Yew, Lawson Cypress , Holly, English Elm, Apple (G2). Crown lift to 5m over road to address low branches over road and footpath. Remove Sycamore to favour other trees, 4 The Green, Ref. No. 21/04275/TREECA

KIELDER: Mr Jamie Thompson, Prior notification for proposed road to allow for the commercial extraction of timber, Land To The West Of Kielder Water, Ref. No. 21/04314/ROAD

LAMBLEY: Mr Chris Chisholm, Siting of glamping pod, Land South Of Hill Top, Ref. No. 21/03984/FUL

MICKLEY: Mr Wayne Stewart, Discharge of conditions 3(external materials and boundary treatments), 4(locally sourced, recycled and energy efficient building materials and methods to maximize energy efficiency), 5(tree protection plan), 6(proposed hard and soft landscaping), 7(construction method statement), 8(vehicular access), 9(car parking area), 11(ecological report), 13(site investigation (Phase 2) and method statement (or remediation strategy)), 14(full closure (verification report)), 15(unidentified contamination), 16(protective measures), 17(validation and verification report), and Compliance of condition 1(expiration of three years), 2(accordance with the approved plans), 10(refuse storage facilities), 12(No development or removal of vegetation) and 18(removal of PD rights) on approved application 20/04441/FUL, Burnside Lodge, Eastgate Bank, Ref. No. 21/04306/DISCO

PONTELAND: Joanne Fisher, Installation of additional pole to existing overhead line to support large pole mounted transformer, Twizell Development Former Poultry Farm, Twizell Cottages, Ref. No. 21/04336/ELEGDO

PONTELAND: Mr Sonny Gill, Remove existing kitchen extraction ducts and replace with new ducts to rear elevation and roof, demolish part of gable wall to form new openings for new shopfront and signage. Change of Use of existing public highway to front and gable end pavement areas to create new pavement cafe area, 19 Merton Road, Ref. No. 21/03886/FUL

PONTELAND: Mr Ian Hunter, Construction of ground floor extension to front with new first floor over and subdivision of Unit into two, Meadowfield, Ref. No. 21/04289/FUL

PONTELAND: Mr Mark Lisgo, Single-storey rear extension, 71 Cheviot View, Ref. No. 21/04279/FUL

PRUDHOE: David John Lawson, Construction of 4no. split level houses in two blocks of semi-detached with 5 additional off street carparks constructed on sloping former allotments / waste ground, Land East Of Tulip Street, Tulip Street, Ref. No. 21/04249/FUL

PRUDHOE: Miller, Single storey side extension to create larger kitchen and utility, 31 Castlefields Drive, Castlefields, Ref. No. 21/04281/FUL

PRUDHOE: Graeme Stewart, Single story side extension and extend decking to rear garden, 28 Bells Lonnen, Castlefields, Ref. No. 21/04288/FUL

PRUDHOE: Miss Jennifer Yeboah, Permission in Principle: Construction of single dwelling detached 2 storey property with offstreet parking, Land North West Of Dene Terrace, Dene Terrace, Ref. No. 21/04311/PIP

STOCKSFIELD: Mr Stephen Ward, Tree Preservation Order Application - T1 - Apple - To fell due to poor form due to close proximity and group pressure from the adjacent Goat Willow, 1 The Oaks, Main Road, Ref. No. 21/04341/FELTPO

WALWICK: Mrs Jenny Conroy, Non-material Amendment to proposal to convert the outbuilding into a granny annexe to change the use for garaging and external storage purposes on approved application 18/03052/FUL, Camberwick, Ref. No. 21/04293/NONMAT