A university student from the North East has started an online community for fellow upcyclers to sell and buy upcycled goods.

During college, Cole Glover used to buy and sell furniture from his car and saw a demand for upcycled items.

This alongside the need to be more sustainable, Cole saw a gap in the market for a website like his and just went for it.

Cole who attends Lancaster University studying business and finance, is originally from Haydon Bridge.

The website is called Upcite and it is a place where fellow upcyclers can buy and sell upcycled items.

The site is also a platform where businesses can get rid of damaged furniture that can easily be recycled.

Currently Cole is in talks with charities and schools, so that design, arts and crafts students can use items from the website that need upcycling on their courses.

Cole said: “Moving away from home has been crazy and with the difficulty of not meeting anyone due to online lessons it has been quite hard, so trying to do that, university, business and trying to socialise has been very hard.”

The website has been live for one month.

On why he started the platform, Cole said: “I would say its the creativeness and how people express themselves through their work, there is a uniqueness about it.

“I just love the creative process.”

Since the launch Cole has been trying to spread the word of his new website and sharing it on social media.

He said: “The website is going quite well, as you can imagine doing everything yourself, the development process has taken a while so I am juts using this period to test the waters and see what works and what doesn’t.

“We have got a lot of positive feedback so far so I do like to say how it is doing well.”