PART of a town's road has seen a reduction in its maximum speed limit following concerns over road safety.

Residents and councillors in Prudhoe had long taken issue to the fact that the 30mph zone in the east of the town did not extend past the new Cottier Grange estate.

But now, the extension of the 30mph speed limit east from near the estate's entrance has been implemented, and the speed limit will be reduced from 60mph to 40mph to the roundabout on the A695.

County Councillor Gordon Stewart, who represents Prudhoe South, said: "I have been campaigning for road safety improvements in this area for some time, and the work has now started with sensible but significant reductions in the speed limits.

"I know it will not prevent drivers who want to travel at excessive speed whatever the limits are, but it will hopefully make the area safer as the vast majority of drivers are likely to adhere to it.

"This is a major road into the town and it will improve the experience for visitors wishing to shop locally and visit Prudhoe.

"It may delay drivers for a few seconds, but it could save a life."

In 2013, a motorist was sentenced to five years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving after killing a woman and her dog while speeding on the stretch of road.

Kathleen Heslop (64) was walking her dog Trudy near their home when they were hit and killed by the car.

Mayor of Prudhoe Cllr Bryan Futers said residents have raised concerns to him about the speed of the traffic that goes down the stretch of read.

"It's long overdue," he said.

"I think reducing the speed limit in that section is the right thing to do and it's the way forward."

Prudhoe Town Councillor Tracy Gilmore added: "I think it's a marked improvement.

"It's great that a traffic calming measure has been extended. The amount of accidents on that road should decrease.

"In my opinion it's great."