A NEW barbers has opened its doors in Corbridge with great reviews.

Ozzy's Turkish Barbers opened their doors on the 13th of October and is already getting great reviews from its customers.

The barbers first customer was John Best, he said: "It's the first time i've been to a Turkish barber, i went across the road and had a chat with Ozzy.

"I said book me in and i will be the first client."

Since his haircut, Ozzy has been recommending the barbers to everyone, saying: "It is fabulous, i had a lovely warm welcome, a coffee and a chat.

"It is what you would expect for an upmarket salon."

The new shop has been opened by Ozzy Lungo, Ozzy said that from the initial idea of thinking about opening the the store to finally opening the process took one month to complete.

On how business is at the moment, Ozzy said: "It's not busy busy but it's already getting better now the word is getting out."

On the day of the shop opening there was no big celebration or event, Ozzy is solely relying on word of mouth to help his business grow.

Ozzy's first customer, John said: "Ozzy gave me a few cards and i have been dishing a few cards out, i hope he makes a success, he really deserves it."