Meet the group behind the knitted poppies tied on the gates and fences of Hexham park.

The 'unassigned' leader of the group, June Olliver, explained the importance of the annual tradition and how it began.

She said: "We are a little sewing group and there are about 10 of us. It all started when we were having a discussion about four or five years ago about doing something for Rememberance Day. Then we did it.

"It wasn't my idea, but somehow I have organised it each year.

"I think it is important to do it, as it is to pay respects to those who have fallen. We have red poppies for the soldiers and blue for the animals, who like the soldiers had no choice but go to war.

"The first year we did it, we had more than 5,000 and each year we add more and more, as people join in with us. We have lost count of how many there are now."

June added: "It isn't just the group that does it, but schools and churches too when it is announced in public notices or spoken word that we are doing it.

"We couldn't do it last year because of Covid-19, so we have lost a few contacts from local churches and schools, but we hope to gain them back."

The knitting group has lead other project such as the angles in theHexham Abbey and is known for creating and doing amazing projects in the community.

A member of the group, Helene Doller, said: "June is the leader, as it just takes one person to make it happen and organise everyone to do it. That is her. I believe that something like this is needed after Covid, as it brings back such a community spirit vibe back to Hexham.

"Our work does not go unnoticed and it is really appreciated by everyone who sees it."

The poppies are on show in public until January.

June added: "For anyone who wishes to get involved for next year, please leave your details in the Hexham Abbey office and I will get back to you."