Projects seeking planning permission from Northumberland County Council...

ACOMB: Ms Amy Hemmings, Construction of rear porch and conversion of garage to home office, Allen House, Main Street, Ref. No. 21/04096/FUL

ACOMB: Mr & Mrs G Killmister, Discharge of condition 2(protective measures) on approved application 20/01849/AGTRES, Chesterholme, Ref. No. 21/04128/DISCON

CORBRIDGE: Mr Andrew Bottomley and Miss Tracy Harrison, Existing single storey side extension and double height two car garage, Howden Dene East Lodge, Newcastle Road, Ref. No. 21/04097/CLEXIS

CORBRIDGE: Leontiou, Form new off street parking bay to side elevation and erect 1.5m fence to front garden, 36 Chantry Estate, Ref. No. 21/04156/FUL

CORBRIDGE: Mr and Mrs E Pybus, Conversion of traditional stone building to residential use (Class C3) creating 1no. residential dwelling with associated parking, Building Adjacent To Stable Cottages, Ref. No. 21/04140/FUL

DARRAS HALL: Mr and Mrs Garry and Lisa Ayton Brown, Addition of a first floor to bungalow, alterations and rear extension to ground floor, 5 Deyncourt, Ref. No. 21/04141/FUL

HALTWHISTLE: Bart Woodhead Farm, Conversion of agricultural buildings to create five residential properties including partial demolition, and associated hard and soft landscaping, Land West Of Dunholme, Comb Hill Road, Ref. No. 21/03827/FUL

HAYDON BRIDGE: Mr Andrew Garrick, Works To Trees In A Conservation Area:- Willow (T1) - Double-stemmed tree with rotten/dead wood at junction - Remove full tree due to the extent of decay down main stem to ground level Yew (T3) - Reduce crown by up to 1.5m on three sides to increase light into house and remove fallen Cedar stem, which broke off in high winds Yew (T5) - Reduce height of crown by 2.5 - 3m to avoid crowding Sycamore above Yew (T6) - Reduce height of crown by 2m to avoid crowding Sycamore above Beech (T8) - Reduce crown by up to 2m in height and width, and thin out crown by up to 30%, to increase light to house Cherry Laurel (T9) - Reduce height of crown by 1.5 - 2m (overgrown specimen) Mixed plantation of overgrown Portuguese Laurel and Holly (PL3) - Reduce height by up to 3m, cut back from over lawn and thin out crowns by 20% Beech (T10) and Silver Birch (T11) - Crown lift to 2.5m to aid lawn maintenance Apple (T12) - Thin crown by 20% to increase light to neighbouring property, The Craggs, North Bank, Ref. No. 21/04158/TREECA

HEXHAM: Mr Simon Aitkenhead, Construction of timber outbuilding, 1 Linnels Cottages, Ref. No. 21/04010/FUL

HEXHAM: Helen Borthwick, Proposed development is classed as permitted under Schedule 2 Part 15 Class B of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015. Erection of Northern Powergrid Distribution Substation, Rotary Way And Adjacent To French Garden Industrial Estate, Ref. No. 21/04145/MISC

HEXHAM: Mr Peter Carruthers, Discharge of condition 5 part b (archaeological recording scheme) on approved application 19/01082/LBC, Land North East Of Tesco (Bunker Site), Alemouth Road, Ref. No. 21/04147/DISCON

HEXHAM: Mr Peter Carruthers, Discharge of conditions 13 (maintenance of all surface water drainage), 15 (verification report), 16 (flood plan) and 21 (highway works) on approved application 19/00277/FUL, Land North East Of Tesco (Bunker Site), Alemouth Road, Ref. No. 21/04119/DISCON

HEXHAM: Ms Claire Hughes, Certificate of Lawful Development for proposed construction of flood defences, comprising of reinforced concrete flood walls of varying heights (up to 2m). A short section of embankment is also proposed along the northern bank of the River Tyne. At specific locations on the alignment such as the culvert at Skinners burn, the design of the defence has been adjusted to reflect site constraints, Hexham FAS Site, Bridge End, Ref. No. 21/03825/CLPROP

HEXHAM: Seddon, Listed building consent for replacement of front windows, 1 Temperley Place, Ref. No. 21/04118/LBC

HEXHAM: Mr Nick Williams, Demolition of existing pre-fabricated garage and construction of new stone built double garage, Mount Royal, Allendale Road, Ref. No. 21/04113/FUL

HUMSHAUGH: Mr John Gray, Trees in a Conservation Area application to fell 1no. Ash T1 that's causing excessive shading to 7 East Lea and reduce crown of 1no. Cherry T2 by 2m using appropriate retaining branches crown lift to 3m and thin crown by 10%, 7 East Lea, Ref. No. 21/03388/TREECA

MEDBURN: Mr Scott Harman, Proposed detached garden room to rear, Prospect Farm, Harshaw House, The Avenue, Ref. No. 21/04094/FUL

OVINGHAM: Mr Mark Jenkins, Trees in a conservation area : B1 & B2 - Apple trees (lift crown to 1.5 metres from the ground, plus crown reduction by 1 metre), A1 & A2 - Apple trees (crown thin by 20% and crown height by 1 metre) and C1 & C2 - Silver Birches (reduction of crown height and spread by 1 metre.), Model Cottage, Main Road, Ref. No. 21/04100/TREECA

OTTERBURN: Madeleine Grubb, The Club is exempted under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (First schedule, Para 5). Propose a small 5 pitch site taking caravans, motorhomes and trailer tents for members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club for recreational purposes only, Caravan Site, Otterburn Hall, Ref. No. 21/04173/MISC

SANDHOE: Mrs Alyson Graham, Certificate of Lawful Development of an Existing Use. Domestic storage in association with the Coach House Sandhoe Northumberland, Building East Of The Coach House, Ref. No. 21/04099/CLEXIS

WYLAM: Mr A Fyall, Proposed 1no detached two storey dwelling, including demolition of existing 2no garages, 11 The Dene, Ref. No. 21/04116/FUL