'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' owner Neil Cole, 51, originally from Corbridge was "thrilled" to be asked to create a Dr Who book cover.

The 51-year-old said: "It was one of my 'bucket list' moments! As a child I used to draw comics and book covers, movie posters and after 25 years teaching art to actually get a professional cover (of which the publisher especially wanted my style and imagination) was a total mind blowing moment!"

"It's my lifetime dream to be entering the world of professional science-fiction artwork. As I child I dreamt of being a sci-fi artist!"

Neil was given opportunity to create the front cover for a book of 'Dr Who' classic merchandise by publisher  'Candy Jar' books, when a writer saw his art work in the museum.

He said: "The upshot of my new art work at the museum attracted one of the writers of a new series of 'Doctor Who' inspired books based upon the cross-over adventures of fan favourite character 'Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart', who was a regular recurring character in the show dating back to the late sixties played by actor Nicholas Courtney and Sherlock Holmes."

"The writer in question had already published many books on 'Doctor Who' and had a script commissioned many years previously for an intended 'Doctor Who' anniversary programme."

"The book will be published by 'Candy Jar' books, who now own the copyright to several classic 'Doctor Who' characters. The new series of books follow the adventures of 'The Brigadier' and Sherlock Holmes as they traverse a mysterious parallel Earth in 'The Dark Dimension'.

"I had the great privilege to be commissioned to provide the full colour cover art for the first title in the new series and am already working on the cover for the second story to be published in early 2022. The first title will hopefully be on sale shortly!

Neil had always intended to sell art at his shop but never thought that he would be designing things for Dr Who merchandise, he said: "When I opened the museum I saw it as an opportunity and inspiration to create some fresh artwork that could go on sale initially as artcards in the small museum shop. In addition to teaching art throughout my life I have been an artist, selling artwork occasionally. The museum would not only be just that, but also give me a place to truly work on some fresh new artwork whilst also selling it."