THE UK’s most famous motorcycling duo were back in Northumberland as part of their new series.

The Hairy Bikers popped into Particularly Good Ltd for Hairy Bikers Go North, currently being aired on BBC2.

They spent the day filming in the field and factory and learning what makes the perfect chip as well as finding out more about potatoes, the team and the ethos behind Particularly Good, Wooler.

The episode will be show Thursday, October 28 at 8pm.

The chefs contacted Particularly Good Potatoes because they wanted to hear more from a family of northern farmers who believe, as they do, that home-grown is best.

The Hairy Bikers Go North follows the pair as they tour the north of England, encouraging the public to support local producers and using ingredients they discover to cook their favourite dishes.

“Our process of taking potatoes from the field and chipping them is extremely efficient, and it is this efficiency which allows us to act primarily as a service industry", said owner Mark Robson. "From the minimal carbon footprint involved in transporting the raw (and produced) product to the disposal of effluent, it makes perfect sense to take all the hard work out of the process, for the benefit of countless restaurants and chip shops.

"We peel, we take away starch and peelings, we pack and we deliver quality chips and potatoes. We provide stockfeed for our neighbouring farmers’ cattle and enjoy synergies with other local businesses.

"More than that, we employ a local workforce. With every Particularly Good chip that is eaten, the jobs of local people are being supported. It is a community-based business and it is this point that our team and the bikers were keen to come back to more than once. It is time to do the right thing”.